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Pan De Vida Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit organization that was established to provide scholarships to children who are committed to observing Christian values. With our scholarships, we aim to support these children who would otherwise be unable to afford an education. To learn more about our advocacy, contact us at 956.278.3879.

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Our mission is to provide as much financial help to students who want an Christian education. We want to give our future leaders the opportunity to obtain academic excellence that is also surrounded by a caring, Christian environment.

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# OF SCHOLARSHIPS - YEAR 2021-2022 = Total 55

  • USA (McAllen, Texas) = 7
  • Colombia (Bucaramanga) = 9
  • Mexico = 39 Total
  • Apizaco = 9
  • Ciudad de Mexico = 1
  • Ixtlilco el Grande = 13
  • Jiutepec = 11
  • Puebla = 4
  • Navojoa = 1


  • Mexico = 6
  • Colombia = 1
  • USA = 1